A look at Pinball Slot

Pinball Slot, a game developed and popularized by International Game Technology, has a similar theme with the famous slot variation known as Double Diamond Slot. Combining the Double Diamond classic gameplay mode and Pinball Slot modern sounds and graphics make this game more popular and interesting to most serious gamblers and amateur slots players. To become well-informed about this game, it is significant that have a glance at its fundamental aspects like specs, special icons and jackpot prizes.

Pinball Slot Specs

This normal 3-reel slot machine works on a single pay line game set up. The maximum bet for this slot variation that also added a pay-and-buy game mode is just two coins. Pinball Slot comes with a multi-coin denominations feature that accepts bets ranging from 25 cents to more than a dollar coin value. The jackpot prize is worth 1,600 coins so to get this top prize, players should place the maximum bet.

The Slot Variation's Bonus Symbol

Pinball Slot's bonus game is initiated when a pinball symbol showed up on the machine's third active pay line. The game allows players to engage in a pinball game that determines players' bonus coins earnings. Those who qualify in this round can have one to five pinballs, depending on how many bets they place made to activate the reels. As soon as they get a spin, a pinball game appears on the screen. Players are required to record the number of times a pinball strikes the knob and how much coins they win. The bonus game ends when the players have used up all the bonus pinballs.

Pinball Slot's Other Game's Versions

Aside from its classic variation, Pinball Slot has another version that features a 3-coin pay-and-buy- game format. In addition, this slot variation adds a Double Diamond game mode and a bigger jackpot prize. In the Pinball Slots three-coin version, the jackpot prize is worth 2,400 coins, which is 50 percent bigger than what the standard version is giving out.

Pinball Slot Machine's Review

This slot machine is based on two popular games, namely three-reel slots and pinball. Players will not be surprised if they find that this slots game is played similar to a double diamond game since the same gaming company created these games. However, players will enjoy Pinball Slot more since it offers a classic jackpot prize. With its interesting features and attractive gameplay, this slot variation is surely one of the most exciting and impressive game to play in casinos.