A Feature on Treasures of the Incas Slot

International Game Technology has recently developed two different slot machines versions based on Indiana Jones movies. Following the success of its other franchised slots games, IGT released the two Indy slots games namely, Treasure of the Incas that is equipped with the Multi-stage Jackpots in addition to the Mega Group Top prize and the Wells of Soul that functions as a Multi-way slot machine.

Aside from the huge progressive jackpots both these slot machines are offering, IGT has added on the machines video clips from three top-grossing Indiana Jones films: The Last Crusade, Temple of Doom and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Treasure of the Incas Slots Specs

This 5-reel video slot machine also offers a progressive jackpot using a 25-payline slots game. Treasures of the Incas is a 5-cents slots game with a maximum wager of $1. The game's progressive jackpot starts at different stages depending on where the machines are located. The game has a progressive Mega Jackpots that increases at a rapid rate.

Indiana Jones Slots Advanced Video Platform

One unique feature of this video slot machine is its Advanced Video Platform. Players are treated to several Indiana Jones popular film clips that are activated as soon as players get wild icons, bonus and free spins. The game also uses a multi-stage progressive that give players a better opportunity to win the progressive top prize.

The Stacked Wilds Free Spins

Players get 10 additional spins when they correctly match certain numbers of Stacked Wilds symbols. Players can win big amount of additional credits since each spin corresponds to a multiplier which could go to a high of 99.

The Jackpot Mega Group Play

When a player gets to the bonus game, other players can also participate in the Mega Group Play. However, these players must first pay a certain amount of coins. Aside from the Treasures of the Incas slots version, IGT has also released the Well of Souls slots version. Both versions have different features. Wells of Souls uses the Multi-Way betting format where players have to bet on a reel instead of betting on a pay line.

Well of Souls Slot Machine Spec

This is a standard 5-reel machine and no pay line since the machine is using the Multi-way betting set-up. Instead, players can bet on any of the reel combinations that total 243. The highest bet on this slots game is 100 coins.

In addition, Well of Souls offers a bigger jackpot prize since this slots game is part of a network of progressive Mega Jackpots slots machines. The jackpot can reach up to a high of $3,000,000.